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The Core Teaching

True happiness and true freedom are already within each person, like the sun that is always shining. However, our perceptions and holdings, like thick clouds, block us from living with it in everyday life. The goal of our practice is to realize the source of these blocks to have true happiness and true freedom... anywhere, anytime, always.

What is Meditation?

People often have the idea that meditation means just to relax, calm ourselves, escape something uncomfortable, or concentrate on a good thing that is not currently present. There are methods and techniques that can bring us temporary releases, but if we only strive to quiet the symptoms, it is just like putting a band-aid on an open sore that suddenly appears on our skin; it will help heal the surface but we don’t know where it came from or why. Therefore, the same problem will continue to repeat. The only way to end the cycle is to realize the cause and source of it. Pink Lotus at Universal Door Meditation Center

According to the historical Buddha, “Zen” literally means “meditation” and meditation means to wake up, to know the Truth about ourselves and the world around us. It is possible to awaken from ignorance and realize the True Happiness and True Freedom within us in this lifetime. Sometimes various aspects of meditation were taken away from the whole picture of fully awakening and used separately for simply calming the mind or controlling a situation. Over time, these mis-understandings grew until it
became commonly mis-understood that meditation means to just relax and be comfortable. How can we relax and be comfortable when we are still living in ignorance and the same basic problems keep repeating in our daily lives?

The Motive and Purpose

Bamboo gardens at Universal Door Meditation Center Before starting to meditate, it is important to know our motive, or reason, for meditating. Why do we want to meditate? Why is an essential question in meditation practice.
People always struggle with stress about finances, tiredness from work, and worry about loved ones. We question the meaning of life. We look for something we don’t have like inner peace, quiet, calmness, clarity, or good health. These on-going struggles, conflicts, discomforts, and anxiety… aren’t these suffering?

Suffering is not limited to the feelings of stress, tiredness, and worry but also includes all emotions like sadness, anger, fear, irritation, jealousy, depression, restlessness … any feelings that come from wanting something but being unable to get it.

We have suffering and we want to end it and wake up; that is our motive. The purpose of meditation is to end suffering, to be truly happy and free. Therefore we begin meditation, which means to observe and explore our mind and body to find out why we are not truly happy. There is a lot to discover and by doing this, you will get a chance to see many many exciting things that connect to each other. As habits, patterns, and repeating problems become evident, you will look further to see clearly exactly what is within ourselves that catalyzed such results until you realize and get in touch with the source of the suffering, and who and what is “I”.

The more we are clear about our motive, aware of our mind and body while interacting with people and things, and continue to reflect on ourselves and question the cause of our struggles, the answers will reveal themselves. Like an onion, there are many little layers in this process, but step by step everything about ourselves, others, and life in general starts to make more sense. With each small realization comes a feeling of overall joy, more space and ease, and an excitement to continue to find out more.

Have you ever wondered.....

• What is the purpose of life?
• What happens after I die?
• Why do I suffer?
• How can I end suffering?
• Is there really such a thing as true happiness? If so, how?
• Who and What Am I?

With interactive guidance, continued application, and inner reflection, you will realize the answers to these basic questions. To realize the truth about something, you must look within to find the answers. It is not a result anyone can give to you. Searching elsewhere like in books, CD’s, and in other peope is only borrowing the answers. The only way to realize the answer is through direct experience within yourself.


Disappointment? Loneliness?

Sadness, Depressed, Anxiety, Stress in your life?

Family conflicts?
Struggles at work?
Relationship trouble?
Lack of energy?
Physical decline?
Sleep problems?

When any of these feelings or situations happen, people often act out, complain, explode, or try to control everyone and everthing. If we do not do any of these actions, then we deny, cover up, ignore, escape, suppress, or endure; this leads to harmful consequences in both our mind and body, as well as impacting the people around us.

Could you ever imagine that the way to true freedom, peace, and happiness is to look back, to face and unfold the problems within ourselves?

Countless people have experienced these feelings or situations and have begun their journey to true happiness and true freedom.