Thich Thong Hoi

Zen Master Thich Thong Hoi

Thich Thong Hoi was born in Vietnam, and began living in America in 2004. He is the founder of Nhien Dang Meditation Center and is teaching in Dallas, Texas, and is a visiting teacher at Universal Door. Ever since his childhood, he had questions about living, dying, and other essential aspects of life. Seeing all the normal changes of life, like situations moving between fair and unfair, relationships full of understanding and then misuderstanding, right and wrong constantly shifting, how we can love so much and then hurt so much when separated from what we love…. He saw all things around him changing, which brought up suffering, made him question life, and want to find out the answer for those questions. From there he stood up and started searching for the way to help him address this problem. Throughout his searching and application, he realized all the suffering came from within. But he did not truly find out the mechanism, the system and the source of it. Until one day he realized if he kept learning from books and from this and that methods from outside, they would only point a way to proceed, but could not bring him to find out the real answer within himself. Visiting Teacher at Universal Door Meditation Center

Because nothing and no one could show him the final steps. He saw at that time that he must continue to search by himself and find the way to unlock or uncover more. His own question generated the motivation to discover more. The longer his question was unanswered, the stronger the question became, until finally he realized the cause and source of suffering. That moment was also the beginning of living everyday with True Happiness and True Freedom, as well as his enthusiasm to teach this to all people.

Together with Thich Dieu-Thien, the two teachers guide students through the inner work to realize the system of suffering in order to live with true happiness and true freedom anytime, anywhere, and always.