Q & A: Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions:

How long does it take to see positive results?
Positive results can be seen the moment you start to apply. However, it all depends on the strength of your motive; how much you see the suffering you have and your intention to find the cause of your unhappiness. If you have a strong intention to find the cause, you will be willing to apply. The more you apply, the more you see the positive change within.

Can meditation only be done while sitting on a cushion?

Do suffering and problems wait for you to sit on the cushion to happen?
If you question about suffering or problems, you can apply this work anywhere, not just when you are sitting on a cushion. In the beginning yo may find that cushion time is helpful because of the decreased likelihood of getting distracted. As you know your problem more, you can start to apply during daily activities like eating, walking, cooking, cleaning, working, etc.

What makes the meditation practice at Universal Door different from other practices?
Here at Universal Door the purpose of meditation is to look within and touch with our feelings of suffering in order to see the cause and realize the source. When the source is realized, the suffering ends, and there is only true freedom peace, and happiness. We help people to see that the problem and the answer are within themselves, and by simply turning inward to observe deeply how sufering works, they can put an end to it. Most meditation practices offer a feeling of ease and peace, which temporarily manages the present problem. However, because the cause and source of the problem are not realized, the feelings of suffering continue to repeat.

Aren’t the emotions of fear, anger, and sadness a part of normal everyday life?

I thought “suffering” meant things like abuse, war, and poverty…
The emotions of fear, anger, and sadness are true suffering. Most people think these emotions are normal because they are still able to escapte the emotions by staying busy. However, if you stay with these feelings, you will see that they are not normal, and you will see how much damage it can do to your body.
In aactuality, suffering is the feeling of anger when you experience abuse, or the feeling of fear when you are trapped in war, or even the feeling of sadness when you experience poverty. So when we talk about suffering, we are talking about the felt experience of the emotions happening inside. These emotions are only one part of the whole system of suffering that stems from ignorance, not seeing the true realities inside and outside ourselves.

What does it mean to “awaken”? Is it really possible?
To “awaken” means to live truly, completely free and happy in this life, permanently . . . no more up and down, clear one day and confused the next, at ease one moment and then stressed again. The awakened nature is already within you, so yes, it is really possible.

How can I help others who suffer from depression, stress, fear, or anxiety?
Ask yourself this: How can you help someone who is drowning of you cannot swim yourself? You can only help others by truly knowing yourself, which means you need to apply for yourself first. The more you know how to help yourself, the more you will understand and know how to help others.

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