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Universal Door Meditation Center was founded by Thich Dieu-Thien in 2003. She began teaching about the true happiness and true freedom that is within each person.

It began in the Fall of 2001, when Thich Dieu-Thien came to visit Houston for just some days. During her stay, she happened to meet two people who asked for help with their personal suffering. She began to help them and because of the benefit they felt right away, they brought two more friends to see her the next day. From there, they brought others and within just two weeks a group of thirty had formed and asked her to stay longer to help them.
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She agreed, and over the next weeks and months, people continued to gather almost daily to discover more about their mind and body to realize where the problems come from. After a year passed, the students requested her to stay and establish a center in the Houston area. They were concerned that if she moved on there would be no one else to help them realize the cause of their suffering and wake up, and because she saw their willingness and active application of what she taught, she agreed to stay and accepted the task of establishing a center. After purchasing land convenient to the students, Universal Door Meditation Center officially opened a few months later in the southwest Houston area of Sugar Land.

By applying the practical path of inner work she presented, many students have transformed their lives. Now, people both inside and outside the United States often invite her to travel, allowing others to connect with this life-changing work.
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According to the historical Buddha, the way to end suffering and live with true happiness and true freedom is to know that suffering comes from within and to find out why it happens. This inner exploration is without conflict or contradiction with any other practice or tradition, and so this way is called a Universal Door.

Also, the name Universal Door refers to a person who has realized the source of suffering and is truly free. When we have conflicts, struggles, and suffer, there is a closed door within us. When we see our problem, we begin to open the closed door.

The more we see, the wider the door opens, until finally it is permanently open, allowing us to live with unconditional ease and harmony in any situation. The goal of the Center is for every student to become a living “Universal Door.”

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Our students come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. We are men and women, ordained and lay people, teens to elders, with diverse interests, religions, and ethnicities. The one common characteristic shared is that each person has a question, some sort of struggle or problem, or is looking for the way to be truly happy. As we get to know more about ourselves, we continue the path toward realizing the cause and truth of our struggles, and living with the true happiness and true freedom that is already within us.

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